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We can all agree hair removal is a dud. The tugging at the skin during, the stinging sensation right after and the immediate regret once you glance at the cost. At least, that’s been my experience. If you’ve tried laser hair removal, sugar or regular wax, the price point alone makes it not worth the smooth canvas. I’ve tried almost every method you can imagine, but not one has made the process seamless for my skin and bank account. But lucky for us, there are alternatives to these options that are just as tried and true—and that you can do at-home. 

From the comfort of your couch, the IPL Laser Hair Removal for Women and Men offers you the luxury of hair removal without needing to go to the spa, saving you time and dough. With consistent use, the tool promises results in just two months because of its advanced IPL technology. On top of receiving your desired goals, the device comes with all that you need to remove hair (almost) like a pro without having to purchase items separately: goggles, a razor, and a handy user manual. And have we mentioned its nearly 50 percent off on Amazon? We suggest “adding to cart” while the deal is still fresh. 

Aopvui Hair Removal Device


Aopvui IPL Hair Removal Device

If you’re unfamiliar with IPL technology, we’ve got you covered. According to the National Institutes of Health, IPL devices “are non-laser high intensity light sources that make use of a high-output flashlamp to produce a broad wavelength output of noncoherent light…” Essentially, these flashes go deep into the skin to reach the hair follicle, helping to reduce the growth, thickness, and intensity of unwanted hair. Plus, the benefits of a smoother skin surface. Who doesn’t want that? 

The device has more than 29,000 five-star reviews, majorly in part to its user-friendly design. This includes nine energy intensities (which the brand suggests starting with the first level), manual and auto modes for different parts of the body, and three functions—hair removal, skin rejuvenation and acne—if you’re wanting to target multiple concerns in one sitting. So if you want to improve your skin texture and trim your bikini line for the summer, this tool does both. And just for the aesthetics, select from a rose gold or gold hue for the device’s finish. 

Based on Amazon customers’ feedback, receiving these results is nearly painless. One reviewer used the tool nightly for a month, stating they “could feel the hair become a little lighter” and “didn’t feel any discomfort or skin heating” during their experience. That’s because you are in control of the intensity you receive from the flashes, which all skin types and tones will appreciate. 

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If you have PCOS, are perimenopausal, or similar health conditions that cause thick and stubborn hair growth, customers have praised the tool’s effectiveness for tackling this issue. “I have had a few stubborn thick, dark hairs on my inner thighs for years, that I kept having to pluck or wax,” says one buyer. “After a few weeks of using the hair remover, the hair is either gone, or so thin, fine and light that I barely notice it.” It’s also worth noting the device is marketed towards men and women seeking to remove unwanted hair. 

Although this device is meant to be used at-home, it is convenient enough to travel with, too. The compact design
(weighing at just below three pounds) makes the tool practical enough to carry inside your carry-on or handbag without taking up too much space. “
Very lightweight and easy to hold while using,” suggests a customer. Another reviewer adds that the tool’s “ergonomic shape” adds to its appeal, considering this makes it “comfortable to hold” for precise hair removal. Small, but mighty!

For what it’s worth, it doesn’t hurt to try a new technique for hair removal. Before you lose your chance, snag this device for baby-soft skin (at more than half the cost
) year-round.

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