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With Valentine’s Day just a week out, you may be brainstorming ways to make the day extra special for you and your loved one. For some, that means booking a reservation to a restaurant you’ve both had your eye on or scoping out what’s in theaters for a chill movie date. For others, it’s a prime opportunity to get frisky—and we know just what you need to make it memorable. Sex toys? We’ve got you covered. Lingerie? Check. Lastly, self-care…down there. That’s where Athena Club can step in.

The bodycare company is originally known for its built-to-last razors, but has since extended into other regions of hair removal, including mess-free wax strips. Athena Club’s wax strips aren’t your typical run-of-the-mill drugstore aisle find, though; they actually take the pain out of the typically painful process. 

Described by the brand as your “at-home smooth skin solution for larger areas of the body,” the non-irritating strips are capable of plucking out even the shortest hairs from the root without excess tugging of the skin. Each strip contains a plant-based wax blend that requires no use of heat, is dermatologist-approved, and offers long-term results (because who wants to wax regularly?) 

Athena Club Wax Strips

Athena Club

Here’s how it works: Simply clean and dry the area you are waxing, slap on one of those bad boys straight out of the box (again, no heat is needed for removal) and finish off the process by using one of Athena Club’s post-wax wipes (included in each box), which contains nourishing elements like almond oil and tea tree oil, to keep your skin soft and ingrown hair-free.

While each strip is designed for use on sensitive skin, the brand recommends doing a patch test and waiting 24 hours before proceeding to ensure you won’t experience abnormal reactions. 

The results of the strips can stick around for up to 28 days, which practically knocks the need for professional hair removal. Plus, you get up to three uses per strip, and at just $11 per box, offers some huge savings right there.

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