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I’m stunned by the ingredients some beauty formulas contain, such as bee pollen or snail slime. The same can be said for a product I came across that contains a peptide derived from New Zealand sheep’s wool. Yes, you read that correctly. The suspect in question is one of Dermelect’s nail care offerings, the High Maintenance Instant Nail Thickener Top Coat, which leans on this niche ingredient to keep your nails from splitting, breaking or chipping.

As someone who experiences all of the above with any kind of manicure, I was incredibly intrigued. Therefore, I got to work on what exactly makes this top coat polish so unique. Here are my findings.

The High Maintenance polish utilizes protein-peptide technology to thicken the top of your nails by adding a durable top coat, which in turn, extends the shelf-life of your manicure. It supplies a barrier overtop that protects your natural nails from harm, while adding long-lasting shine and protection to polish. In addition, the “fast-drying and super glossy” thickening treatment acts as a UV absorber to ensure your polish doesn’t fade or change colors during wear. Described as “one of the most innovative top coats you will ever use” by the brand, I can’t help but think it sounds almost too good to be true. 

 High Maintenance Instant Nail Thickener Top Coat


Well, folks, it’s not. According to reviews from customers, it really does what it intends. Per one reviewer who had damage from “years of artificial nails,” after six months of using the top coat, their natural nails became “very strong.” Another shopper claimed their manicure was “still looking pretty good” after nearly a month (!!!) thanks to the top coat.

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“For years I’ve had white spots on my toenails from years of polish..not fungus, just dry white spots,” shared a third. “I started using High Maintenance as a base coat as well as top coat in July of 2021, and I haven’t had a single white spot! My nail tech is blown away, as am I! The added benefit is my pedi looks just as fresh three weeks after, as it did the first day!”

The formula is ideal for use on thinning, brittle, and hard to grow nails, so if you deal with any of the above, you may want to scoop a bottle ASAP. Even those seeking to reverse damage from gel and acrylic manicures may find it to be a hero product.

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