Your ruling planet Venus is still retrograding this month, but that’s not stopping you from having a hot girl summer of fun! Your Libra horoscope for August 2023 brings plenty of excitement to your social life thanks to Leo season lighting up your friendship sector, so get out and enjoy the magic of summer.

Things kick off with an inspiring full moon in your flirty fifth house, which is the perfect time to let go of your creative inhibitions or free yourself of a situationship that may have been cramping your style. Follow your excitement now and reject anything that doesn’t feel authentic to you.

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By mid-month, you’ll have an opportunity to mend some old heartaches, find some closure around past relationship struggles, and gain some insight into any Venus retrograde drama that’s come up for you in the past weeks. That’s thanks to the clarifying Venus cazimi on August 13, as well as a lucky trine with wounded-healer comet Chiron in your partnership sector that peaks the following day. And just a few days later, a surprise-filled new moon could bring more major changes of heart, prompting you to reevaluate your friendships and make moves toward surrounding yourself with a more aligned community.

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Things slow down a bit once Virgo season starts on August 23, as the sun activates your quiet and introspective twelfth house. After a busy past month of social activity and outings, now’s a time to focus on catching up on rest, relaxation, and restorative solitude. The need for extra chill time is amplified by the fact that Mercury retrograde starts on the same day, which can cause mental mix-ups or cloud your judgment. Taking it slow will help you maintain your flow.

While Virgo season tends to be a little sleepy for you, you’ll get a big cosmic energy boost once feisty Mars enters your sign on August 27, invigorating your ambitiousness and inspiring you to take more initiative toward your goals. This productive streak continues under the full moon on August 30, which will gently but firmly push you to buckle down on your routines to better support your wellness and get into a more inspiring workflow.