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Glossier making some major moves this year. Expect a ton of new store locations, updated packaging (new Balm Dot Com!) and even more body products. First up is the highly anticipated Glossier Deodorant. Natural deodorant fans are going crazy for this launch since its ingredient story is a bit different from most aluminum-free options. Plus, it’s as chic as you’d expect from the brand. Allow me to explain.

Most aluminum-free deodorants use baking soda and exfoliating acids to absorb moisture and keep your pits fresh. But these ingredients can be irritating to those with sensitive skin (like me). Glossier’s Deodorant uses superfruit elderberry extract and coconut oil instead to keep skin conditioned and help keep odor at bay. To help you feel drier, there’s potato starch, which naturally absorbs moisture.

It comes in four scents Glossier fans will recognize: Sandstone (with notes of sandalwood, clary sage and fig leaf), Glossier You (pink pepper, iris, ambrox and ambrette), Orange Blossom Neroli (pear, mandarin and cypress) and Unscented.

glossier deo full


I’m an unscented girl through and through, mostly because I have sensitive skin and chronic migraine. Buy I also love the smell of Glossier You so it’s a tough choice which one to try. It’s entirely person. I have friends who love smelling the scent throughout the day and others who want to forget about a smell entirely. Luckily, there’s something for everyone here.

It’s also the most eco-friendly product from Glossier as far as I can see. As you can see from all the colors, Glossier Deodorant has an easy-to-use refill system — something that’s actually important when it comes to deodorant. When something works, you stick with it. And the refill being more affordable is a major plus. The case is also made with only one type of material, making it recyclable.

Ready to jump on the Glossier Deo train? Grab it now on the brand’s website. (Sephora coming soon! We’ll keep you updated.)

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