Everything old is new again. Zendaya is only 26 years old so she was a toddler when ’90s supermodels like Cindy Crawford set the trends. Hair was voluminous, parted to the side with tons of layers. And that’s exactly what Zendaya’s new haircut looks like. It looks incredible on her.

Last week, Zendaya posted a sneak peek of her new hair to Instagram stories with the caption: “Needed a little refresh.” The blown-out, layered style looks like a mix of Cindy Crawford (and now, her daughter Kaia Gerber) and Jennifer Aniston’s “The Rachel” haircut from Friends. People made fun of the cut at the time because really, it’s an iconic look and one that stands the test of time.

Zendaya, Angus Cloud

Sadie Sink

It seems like side parts are back in a big way, too. It was only last year that Gen Z said middle parts are “it” and now celebs from Sydney Sweeney to Zendaya are flipping over to the side again.

Image: Instagram.

Last Friday, Zendaya took her new look home to Oakland, CA, where she and boyfriend Tom Holland hit up a community basketball event hosted by non-profits Hoopbus, Project Blackboard, and apparel brand Oaklandish. “I just came to say hi to all of you and see your beautiful faces, and let’s have a great time playing basketball,” Zendaya said in a video we saw Project Blackboard post. “I’m not going to play basketball because I haven’t played basketball since I was y’all’s age.”

It was adorable to see Holland also play basketball with the kids, there to support the woman he loves. “I feel like a lucky kid in a game,” you can see him say, wearing a black Oakland Roots Sports Club tee.

It’s rare to see the couple make such a public appearance together but of course it’s at something where they’re able to give back.